Put Rikers on the Map!



The MTA and Rikers Island have a complicated relationship. Over the years the massive jailing complex has fallen on and off the subway map. An erratic absence, today Rikers Island is labeled on station maps but not inside trains, on digital versions but not in digital kiosks. #SeeRikers stickers are a simple way to acknowledge this erasure.

Whether an accidental oversight or an intentional omission – we believe it’s important to recognize a place that confines nearly 10,000 people each day and effects the lives of many more New Yorkers. So as you make your way across the city – on your morning commute or evening transfer – please help us put Rikers back on the map. The issue is much too urgent to hide from any longer.

“It is up to us to insist on the obsolescence of imprisonment as the dominant mode of punishment, but we cannot accomplish this by wielding axes and literally hacking at prison walls, but rather by demanding new democratic institutions that take up the issues that can never be addressed by prisons in productive ways.” Angela Davis

Stickers are available at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at The New School as part of the States of Incarceration ExhibitionStates of Incarceration is the first national traveling multi-media exhibition and coordinated public dialogue to explore the history and future of mass incarceration in the United States. Led by The New School’s Humanities Action Lab, States of Incarceration was created by over 500 people from 20 cities, including students, formerly incarcerated people, corrections officers, and their families. The exhibition opens at The New School’s Sheila C. Johnson Design Center in NYC with a national launch and conference April 14-16 before traveling to 19 other cities over the next three years.

For more ways to stay informed or get involved please check out the following organizations: (let us know if there’s others we should add to this list)

Contact us directly if you’d like stickers but aren’t able to visit the exhibition.