About the Sticker

#SeeRikers is a simple sticker project which exploits a graphic omission in order to bring forward an urgent political issue.

Rikers’ “disappearance” from the subway map is in many ways emblematic of a broader cultural willingness to overlook the places, policies, and practices that support the systemic violence of mass incarceration. Situated between LaGuardia Airport and the Bronx, Rikers Island is at the center of New York City. Its ten jails hold over 10,000 people each day and employ nearly the same amount of correctional officers, and yet it is one of the few islands that remains unnamed on the subway map.

To address this blank space, we thought to appropriate the Transit Authority’s own place-making iconography. The common and familiar “You Are Here” decal, which locates travelers in cartographic and geographic space is altered to “Rikers is Here,” decentering the passenger while pointing to the jail. Whereas the MTA’s label serves as an individual wayfinding tool, ours signals a collective void.

The sticker invites a simple gesture, and yet to put it on the map is to make an explicit political action. With the adhesive artifact in hand, the passenger must publicly acknowledge and address the erasure. What was once invisible is now glaring, encircled by a bright red arrow that calls on the viewer to #SeeRikers.

Affixed to the MTA map, the sticker aims to expose an institutional presence and implicate commuters in the carceral state. To #SeeRikers is an attempt to identify a physical place as well as to activate a space of appearance where critical debates and conversations can unfold.

The power and the flaw of the decal lies in its ability to make tangible but ephemeral statements, and while it is a tiny imposition on the world, we hope it can provide an entrypoint into the urgent movement to reform our criminal justice system.

About Us


We are Stef, Laura, and Misha.

We are an interdisciplinary studio of designers, researchers, and artists, working across media. Sometimes we call this studio Artifice.

–> Thank you to our professor Julia Foulkes for supporting the #SeeRikers stickers.


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